"I promise to uphold the Jedi Code. I promise to respect all life and to help those weaker than myself, to use the Force only for good, never to draw my lightsaber in anger, only to defend those who cannot defend themselves, to find new ways to improve myself so that I may be an example to others, and to defend the Galactic Republic."
―The Junior Jedi Oath — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The Junior Jedi Oath was a solemn attestation taken by the Jedi Initiates around the time of the Naboo Crisis. The Initiates were asked to repeat its words and were also asked to sign their name under a written version of the Oath to mark their commitment to the Jedi Code, the Force and the Galactic Republic. The Junior Jedi Oath was included in the Junior Jedi Training Manual, a guidebook designed for helping the Initiates discover the life of a Jedi.

The text of the Junior Jedi Oath had a value of contract. The agreement included a clause specifying that anyone who took the oath aknowledged that he or she held the Galactic Republic harmless against possible injuries from activities such as fighting battle droids, levitating heavy machinery, escaping bottomless sandpits, or being squashed by a Hutt.