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"Eh? Who are you, then? The only new people that come to Junix Nard's cantina are longtime losers and bounty hunters. I don't have to tell you why the two don't mix."
―Junix to Revan[src]

Junix Nard was a Human male. He was the owner and bartender of the Junix's Joint cantina in Anchorhead on Tatooine. He also ran a small store within the cantina where he sold pazaak cards, among other goods.

Like others on Tatooine, Nard felt that the destruction of Taris at the hands of the Sith was a good thing, as it "got things moving in the galaxy". He also held the Galactic Republic in low regard, saying that it was "about time someone kicked the Republic in the tail". Furthermore, Nard thought of Tatooine as an unpleasant, backwater planet that had little going for it.



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