A junk golem on the planet Raxus Prime.

The junk golems, also referred to as technobeasts,[1] were junk droids used by Kazdan Paratus. The Force was the only thing keeping them together. Paratus put these amalgamations of junk to protect the Temple he created on Raxus Prime, especially from the Rodian scavengers. Different types of junk golems created by Paratus included Scrap Guardians, Scrap Scavengers, Scrap drones Junk behemoths, and the Junk Titan. When Paratus was killed by Galen Marek, the droids fell apart, leaving the planet defenseless to the Empire.

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An article on once referred to the "Junk Golem" figurine from The Force Unleashed miniatures set as a "technobeast".[1]



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