Junkyard Control was an Imperial space station. It was used by the Galactic Empire to oversee the delivery of scrap metal.


After the Azzameens were driven from their home, their Azzameen Home Base datacore was abandoned there.

When Emon and Aeron Azzameen concluded that there was a Viraxo mole within the Azzameen organization Aeron decided to examine the communications logs from the datacore. Ace Azzameen who worked for the Rebel Alliance took the Otana to the junkyard to locate the datacore, with Emon in the Andrasta providing support.

After locating the cargo container holding the datacore, Azzameen family droid MK-09 left the Otana and boarded the container to retrieve it. While MK-09 was getting the core, scavengers in T-wing interceptors arrived and moved to attack the Azzameens.

The Otana and Andrasta, however, were able to eliminate the threat. Ace retrieved MK-09 and the datacore before taking the Otana back to the Liberty.