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The Juran Mountains was a majestic site on Alderaan that had seen many conflicts since the Great Galactic War. During the Battle of Alderaan, it became a refuge for Galactic Republic resistance fighters who used the natural cover to evade the invading Sith Empire's forces. At one point during that conflict, Captain Jace Malcom of Havoc Squad, assisted by Satele Shan, ambushed the forces of Darth Malgus. This led to the Republic trooper's victory over the powerful Sith Lord.[2]

Despite a few short years of peace, the mountains had once again became the site of aggressive violent actions. By the time of the Cold War, House Ulgo, backed by its vassals in House Rist, occupied the Juran Mountains where they were involved a brutal conflict with the forces of both House Organa and House Thul.[2]



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