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Justicar territory, also known as the Justicars' Sector or sector 439, was an area of Coruscant's lower levels that was ruled by the Justicars during the Cold War. In the aftermath of the Sacking of Coruscant, the Republic's resources were severely limited and Coruscant Security Forces were pulled from the area. In the ensuing chaos, gangs such as Black Sun moved in preying on the helpless Coruscanti. Angered by returning to homes and communities under siege, ex-Republic soldiers formed their own militia calling themselves the Justicars' Brigade.[1] A former Coruscant Security facility was utilized as their headquarters and renamed the "Justicars' Tower."[2] The Justicars placed the sector under martial law and pushed out both Black Sun and Coruscant Security. Any challenge to their authority was brutally struck down and the sector was practically closed off from the outside world.[3]



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