Jyl Korlis was a female Sathari and a farmer who lived in the city of Quolas on Arbooine.


A citizen of the city of Quolas on the planet Arbooine, Jyl Korlis was a fungus farmer who grew and cultivated the enormous mushrooms native to the world and grown on the exterior of the elrit tree which housed the city. In the years leading up to the Galactic Civil War, Reeve Gel Marcolf began to raise rates and tax the farming industry extensively by requiring them tithe a greater portion of the harvest as payment. Keeping the cream of the crop for his own home, Marcolf struck deep into Korlis' profits and further insulted her by peddling her wares outside of the city for an increased rate. As her warehouse was largely empty, Korlis began to rent out her empty facility to travelers as an inn. While not a member of either the Helshar or Tumris clan, Korlis' was sympathetic to the resistance movement brewing against the unlawful reign of Reeve Marcolf.