Jynni's Virtue was a pirate freighter under the command of Captain Naz Felyood. His crew included first mate Babbnod Luroon, Nrross, Churl, Rutigar, Sev, Derec, Deksi Fivvl, Bunk and Janah, Jolsz and Farbor.

The ship crashed near the Valley of Golg on Korriban under mysterious circumstances in 1 BBY. Virtue's crew was slowly killed and converted into Korriban zombies as a result of Felyood's theft of the Heart of Graush. Luroon, assuming Felyood dead and overrun with zombies, detonated Virtue.

A log recording Virtue's time on Korriban was found by researchers of the New Jedi Order, but was considered a dubious source of information by New Republic analysts.


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