Jyrenne Base was located on Onderon, near Iziz. It was the main Imperial Army-Navy Ordnance Center for the sector.


In 0 ABY Jyrenne Base was under the command of Admiral Corlen. The base had a garrison of stormtroopers. The local Moff, Lasre Dardano, established Whisper Base to spy on the admiral, using the base's activity to cover its operation.

In 2 ABY, Jyrenne Base was attacked by the Rebellion and almost completely destroyed by Shandor Squadron. The attack left Imperial supply lines in Airon sector almost crippled.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jyrenne Base was first mentioned in the Star Wars Adventure Journal. The Base also featured in Fantasy Flight Games' adventure campaign Operation: Shadowpoint. It serves as a location for several suggested "seeds" for players to act out.