K'Armyn Viraxo was the patriarch of the Viraxo family and head of the shipping conglomerate, Viraxo Shipping (also known as Viraxo Industries).

His overbearing tactics and habitual use of force and intimidation in business enabled him to carve out a substantial fortune in the shipping sector. He had links with the criminal Black Sun organization, and was rumored to have even blackmailed an Imperial Moff.

During the Rebellion era, K'Armyn Viraxo was involved in an increasingly bitter rivalry with the Azzameen family, who owned Twin Suns Transport Services, a competitor with the Viraxo. He was implicated in the deaths of Tomaas Azzameen and Galin Azzameen, and on several occasions attempted to take the lives of the other members of the Azzameen Family.

During one contest between the two, K'Armyn's pleasure yacht, the Highroller was ambushed near Destreg II by the Azzameen ships Andrasta and Otana. Fortunately for him, K'Armyn had been forewarned, and was not aboard when the young outlaws attacked, although his yacht was destroyed.

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