The K'Raith ("Windstorm") was a hovercraft designed by V'Jar Technologies. It served as the primary means of civilian transport on the planet Goroth, since the the planet's high radiation flux meant traditional repulsorcraft could not function without heavy modification.


The K'Raith was a small, simple vehicle, using a skirt made flexible polynoreltin to contain the cushion of air it rode upon. This light material could be easily torn however, and so it was often covered by a synthsilk tarpaulin to prevent the vehicle from being immobilized.[1]


In the wake of the asteroid impacts which devastated the planet, V'Jar Technologies had already starting producing hover vehicles like the K'Raith. When the Galactic Empire occupied the planet they nationalized companies like V'Jar in the name of "protecting" industries of strategic importance but allowed the continued production of the K'Raith and other civilian hovers. These remained the only vehicles native Gorothites could legally purchase during the occupation.[1]


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