"The Star Destroyer is incapable of hyperspace travel and the shields on its port side are not functioning due to a timing flaw in the sublight drives. If we are to attack at all, we must do so now."

K-M2 or Kay-Emtoo was an Industrial Automaton K-Series spaceport control droid. Painted bright red, he was a 2 meter tall, awkward looking droid with a dome shaped cranium.


K-M2 was the result of a Rebel experiment to infiltrate droids into key points within the Empire. Specially equipped with backup power batteries and memory storage units to avoid memory wipes, he was placed by the Rebels at an out-of-the-way Imperial base. He eventually rose to be in charge of spaceport control on Travnin, in the Minos Cluster.

Personality and traitsEdit

K-M2 was surprisingly compassionate and Rebel programmers were concerned he would sacrifice his excellent spy position to save an endangered person. He was also very committed to the Rebellion and despite his success in the isolated Minos Cluster he wanted to resume contact with his rebel handlers to provide current information about Imperial forces in the sector.


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