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K-series spaceport control droid by Industrial Automaton was an administrative droid that handled traffic control and logistics at spaceports. The droid was tall and awkward-looking, with a dome-shaped head. It would send automated messages to starships, and handled low-level tasks of spaceport control. It cost 5500 credits new.[1]

K-M2 was a K-series spaceport control droid modified by the Rebellion to infiltrate the Galactic Empire. He rose to control spaceport traffic at Travnin Spaceport in the Minos Cluster.[2]

M-3PO, known as Emtrey, was a 3PO-series protocol droid that served as quartermaster for Rogue Squadron from around 6 ABY. Emtrey was refitted by an Alliance to Restore the Republic lieutenant named Losca prior to the Battle of Hoth and was fitted with a head from a spaceport control droid.



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