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The K-Series spaceport control droid was a model of spaceport control droid manufactured by Industrial Automaton.


Tall and awkward-looking, with a dome-shaped head[1] and a slightly-protruding mid-section,[2] the third-degree K-Series spaceport control droid[1] was a typical droid of its class. Standing 2 meters in height, it had a human body, with two arms,[2] both tipped with a hand appendage,[1] and two legs. Painted bright red,[2] K-Series droids stood out in crowds.[1] They were equipped with a pair of visual and auditory sensor recorder, as well as a vocabulator speech/sound system. Possessing a basic processor, K-Series droids were equipped with a comlink and datapad.[1]

An administrative droid, the K-Series handled space traffic control and other logistical details of a spaceport, and was the first line of communication between pilots and spaceport control. It sent automated messages to approaching and departing starships and handled most of the menial, low-level tasks of spaceport control. K-Series droids were skilled and meticulous, and they took their duties very seriously. They were capable of speaking multiple languages, including Basic, Binary, Bocce, High Galactic, and Huttese.[1]


Manufactured by Industrial Automaton, the availability of K-Series spaceport control droid was licensed, and they costed 5,500 credits new[1] or 1,500 credits used.[2] They were rarely seen, but often heard, in spaceports throughout the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories.[1]

A modified K-Series spaceport control droid, K-M2 was the result of a Rebel experiment in using droids to penetrate the Galactic Empire at vital points. He rose to take over spaceport control on Travnin, in the Minos Cluster.[2]

M-3PO, known as Emtrey, was a 3PO-series protocol droid that served as quartermaster for Rogue Squadron from around 6 ABY. Emtrey was refitted by an Alliance to Restore the Republic lieutenant named Losca prior to the Battle of Hoth and was fitted with a head from a spaceport control droid.



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