K1l-R was a personal bodyguard droid and a friend of the Geonosian named Tookra. The droid could operate in both humanoid and crab-like forms. In 2 ABY Tookra ordered K1l-R to eliminate Han Solo, who failed to perform the delivery the Geonosian requested, which cost him a large sum of money. Solo, however, manage to escape in his ship, the Millennium Falcon. K1l-R and Tookra followed him in Tookra's ship and caught with him on the planet of Cataalda. The gigantic droid attacked Solo and Chewbacca, who tried to escape it until they caught up with the bounty hunter Dust. K1l-R destroyed the bounty hunter's ship and in an act of revenge Dust destroyed the droid by ripping its head off.


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