The KDY-4 tech droid was designed by Kuat Drive Yards about 200 BBY for repairing and building starships. Nicknamed the "builder's buddy" because of its efficiency, usefulness, and easygoing manner, the KDY-4 was a second-degree droid standing roughly 1.5 meters high and equipped with four appendages (two retractable) and three legs.[1]

The memory banks of the KDY-4 were programmed with the specifications and blueprints of every common ship class of the time. In addition to being extremely versatile and able to maintain and repair virtually any spacecraft, it also possessed the equivalent strength and lifting power of an above-average humanoid. The droid was manufactured solely by Kuat Drive Yards and was generally not available for sale outside of the corporation, but KDY occasionally saw fit to part with one for the right price.[1]


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