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"You are quite right, Master. Your Doxxen tea is two degrees too warm. I shall take it out into the blinding snowstorm to allow it to cool."

KL-6TLF7V/T, also called KL-6T-LF7V/T, Sixtee-El, or 6T-L for short, was a Cybot Galactica F7V Valet/Translator Droid.


KL-6TLF7V/T began accompanying the Shashay singer Crying Dawn Singer when he first entered Imperial space, and traveled with him from performance to performance. KL-6TLF7V/T duties included translating for the Shashay and providing whatever personal services he required.[1]

When the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Nestmothers of the Shashay entered into negotiation regarding the use of Crytal Nest as a new base, KL-6TLF7V/T became an Alliance agent. KL-6TLF7V/T's original personality was as a subservient and proper valet and translator. However, hidden Alliance programming caused a secondary personality, that of a heroic Rebel to develop.[1]


KL-6TLF7V/T was an F7V Valet/Translator Droid manufactured by Cybot Galactica. Resembling a standard 3PO-series protocol droid, it stood 1.6 meters tall. The droid was colored silver with red detailing. KL-6TLF7V/T servomotors had been programmed to allow the droid to move in a graceful way. KL-6TLF7V/T was equipped with two photoreceptors, a broadband antenna receiver, a vocabulator, and a TranLang II Communication module capable of accessing nearly three million languages. As an agent of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, KL-6TLF7V/T was outfitted with a hidden homing transponder and security camera.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This droid's full designation is given as "KL-6TLFV/T" in the text, but as "KL-6T-LF7V/T" on his character template.


Notes and referencesEdit

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