"Te racin ka'ra juaan kote."
―From the war chant, Kote Darasuum[src]

The Ka'ra were an ancient Mandalorian myth. In times long past,[1] when the Mandalorians were a devoutly religious people, they mythologized the stars in the night sky over Mandalore as the fallen rulers of their cultural homeworld,[2] believing that the individuals who passed on had joined a ruling council of past leaders upon their deaths.[1]

Over time, the Mandalorians eventually developed into a more secular and less superstitious society. These more pragmatic and rational Mandalorians no longer looked upon the myths of the past as literal examples of the supernatural, but rather as parables. From ancient stories such as the Ka'ra and the Akaanati'kar'oya, they sought allegorical or philosophical insights, instead of factual truth.[2]

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The Ka'ra were first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the Star Wars Insider article, The Mandalorians: People and Culture, authored by Karen Traviss and published in February 2006 as part of the magazine's eighty-sixth issue.


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