"Ka'rta Tor," meaning "One Heart of Justice," was an ancient Mandalorian war chant sung in Mando'a. During his training of the clone troopers of the Republic, Jango Fett revised a number of chants, including "Gra'tua Cuun," replacing traditional Mandalorian keywords with more appropriate Republic ones. In this instance, it is presumable that he replaced "the Mandalorians'" with "The Jedi." The chant was sung by the clone troopers with the accompaniment of drums and horns.



Kandosii sa kyr'am ast,
Troan teroch jetiise a'den,
Duraan vi at ara'nov.
Vode an, ka'rta tor.



As ruthless as Death itself,
The pitiless face of The Jedi's wrath,
Let us look down on all who are before us.
Brothers all, one heart of justice.


(Can also be translated as "The pitiless face of the Republic's wrath")



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