Doctor Kaaldar was an Imperial scientist who developed Bledsoe's disease on Tatooine. He worked at the Imperial garrison base around 0 ABY.


After infecting Luke Skywalker with the Bledsoe's disease, Kaaldar was content to let Skywalker succumb to the effects, offering to cure Skywalker only if the window effect wears off and he survives. However, when Luke's companion Anduvil threatened the scientist, he immediately created a serum to heal the effects of the disease, as well as explained the connection between the Bledsoe's disease outbreaks and the destruction of Rebel Outposts. Anduvil left Kaaldar on Tatooine after giving Anduvil and Luke the serum to the disease. His current whereabouts are unknown, as is whether he managed to escape from the Tatooine base before its destruction from a sabotaged TIE engine. Kaaldar wore a rebreather. It is unknown whether he used it to avoid being infected by the biological weapons he created or to help with a respiratory illness.



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