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The Kaamos Territory was a region on the planet Alderaan that was part of the Castle Lands. It was home to the Lerantha Dam located at the edge of the Lerantha Lake. In addition, it served as the ancestral home of House of Thul. They placed their own palace on those grounds but were forced to abandon it following their exile long ago. Despite being abandoned, the palace was not entirely destroyed in the years following the departure of House Thul.[2]

By the time of the Cold War, this major Alderaanian noble family became a contender for the throne after their return from exile with their allies in the Sith Empire. This saw them rebuilding on the grounds of the ancient Thul palace and intended to return it to its former glory. However, their hold on the Kaamos Territory was still tenuous as they faced regular incursions from rival houses and the native Killiks. In addition, House Ulgo controlled the Lerantha Dam and began to threaten the edges of House Thul's territory.[2]



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