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"It must the one we want. it's got a pair of A-wings escorts!"

Kaar was a modified Corellian YT-1300 transport used by a Rebel spy during the Galactic Civil War.


"The individual we want is flying a modified YT-1300 transport that has been modified for extra speed."
―Imperial briefing officer[src]

Beyond the appearance of a normal YT-1300, the transport had been modified to be fast enough to outrun Assault Gunboats.


"Quickly, Delta 1, stop that other Corellian transport"

The transport was used by a Rebel Spy who decided to take shelter in a XQ3 Platform called AZ 77 that officially was a salvage yard near Venzeiia 2 Prime. However Imperial Intelligence tracked the spy to the platform with the intention of capturing him alive. Fully aware that the transport can outrun Assault Gunboats, they send a TIE Defender, equipped with a tractor beam to hamper the ship's maneuverability and disable it. After fellow ships Lin and Ko were disabled, the Kaar along with two A-wings from Rogue Squadron left the platform and the transport attempted to make the jump to Hyperspace. However, despite the Rebel escorts the transport was disabled by the TIE Defender and a Gamma-class ATR-6 assault transport arrived to board and capture the freighter to be brought back for "processing". The platform was seized shortly afterwards for harboring criminals and fugitives by forces lead by Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin in his flagship, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Glory.


The events surrounding the Kaar and its capture, along with the platform were recorded and recreated for the Combat chamber to train future pilots. Maarek Stele was one of those who took the training mission to learn how to utilize the tractor beam.