The ruins of Kabus-Dabeh, 4,000 BBY

Kabus-Dabeh was the Muza name for a stone pyramidal ruin, reputed to be built by an evil people, on the planet Muzara. It was constructed at the end of a narrow canyon north of a Muza settlement.

Strange stone statues stood on the corners of the structure, which was ascended by a staircase. At the top stood an altar holding a weight-based trap device.

A cave near Kabus-Dabeh was the home of an intelligent creature named Togarn, perhaps an ancient Sithspawn. Togarn was responsible for predatory attacks on the Muza encampment.

Rumors connected the site with an ancient, extinct civilization affiliated with the Sith. It was explored by Keval Raffaan around 4000 BBY.


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