"The name's Kad Solus. I'll get right to it. I don't like taking these pity jobs, there's a high risk of getting killed and an even higher risk of not getting paid."
―Kad Solus greeting the Rebel operatives in Vlemoth Port[src]

Kad Solus was a Human male Mandalorian mercenary active during the Galactic Civil War.


Fang fighter

Kad Solus' Fang fighter

Kad was born a slave to the Thalassian slaver known as Nok. His bondage came to an end, however, when a group of Mandalorians were contracted to eliminated Nok's slavery operation on Tatooine. Unbeknownst to the Mandalorians, they were walking into a trap laid by Nok. But the mercenaries were warned about the trap by a five-year-old Kad and after successfully eliminating Nok and his operation, Kad was adopted as a son by Avin Solus and brought into their Mandalorian clan. Many years later Kad Solus had become a highly skilled Fang fighter pilot and ascended to the rank of second in command to Vera Beroya, chieftain of Clan Awaud. Their clan resided in the Arumorut settlement on the Outer Rim world Vlemoth Port. Kad was a skilled tactician and he would often briefly hold back at the start of a battle until he learned the weakness in the enemy battle plan. He would then charge into battle and attack the enemy like a madman. This earned him the nickname mir'shupla by his peers, which meant "brain dead.

During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Kad Solus met with Rebel operatives who wished to enlist the help of his clan to defend a settlement on Xorrn from a rogue Imperial officer. Kad was preparing to brush off the rebels without even hearing their proposal when a group of mercenaries sent by Teemo the Hutt came on the scene. They intended to claim the "dead or alive" bounty on Solus' head, and attacked the entire group. The Rebel operatives helped Kad defeat the mercenaries after which he agreed to take them to meet his clan chieftain. He led the rebels to Arumorut in his heavily modified Aka'jor-class shuttle, Dikutruni. Once at the Clan Awaud camp, Kad helped negotiate the terms of their joining the Rebellion mission to Xorrn.

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