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"The name's Kad Solus. I'll get right to it. I don't like taking these pity jobs, there's a high risk of getting killed and an even higher risk of not getting paid."
―Kad Solus greeting the Rebel operatives in Vlemoth Port[src]

Kad Solus was a Human male Mandalorian mercenary active during the Galactic Civil War. As a young boy, he was a slave to the Thalassian slaver known as Nok, however that all changed when a group of Mandalorians lead by Avin Solus were contacted to eliminated Nok's slavery operation on Tatooine. It was thanks to Kad did Avin learned of a trap that Nok planned for the Mandalorians, thus leading the Mandalorians to be successful in the mission, Kad was later adopted by Avin as his son and was taken into the Mandalorian clans. Many years later Kad Solus during the times of Galactic Empire he become a higher skilled Fang fighter pilot and even become the second in command of Clan Chieftain Vera Beroya in Arumorut on Vlemoth Port, because of his tactics and finding the weakness of the enemy he earn nickname mir'shupla by his peers. It was during the Galactic Civil War on Vlemoth Port when Kad Solus met up with Rebel operatives about a job the Rebellion wished for Mandalorian assistance.

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