Kadd Yinkle was a Human male from the planet Kuratooine. After famous pop star Ledina Chott had been kidnapped by Wraith Squadron in 44 ABY, Yinkle tracked the signal of her emergency transponder to a warehouse owned by corrupt Galactic Alliance General Stavin Thaal, from which Thaal ran his criminal operations.

Personality and traitsEdit

Because of his rather funny surname, Yinkle was often told, much to his chagrin, how funny it was. In spite of this, however, when Detective Husin informed Yinkle of this, Yinkle only briefly acknowledged it with annoyance before moving on in order to discover the whereabouts of Ledina Chott. Chott herself commented about Yinkle's funny surname, which again left him annoyed even after he told her that he came to the warehouse to save her. Yinkle also demonstrated an admirable, if futile, heroic trait when trying to protect Chott from Trey Courser and Drikall Bessarah, who simply walked past him and left the warehouse without any trouble. In the face of this, Yinkle reminded Chott that though he could have tackled either one of them to stop them from escaping, his primary priority was in protecting the celebrity.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kadd Yinkle was created by veteran Star Wars author Aaron Allston for his most recent addition to the X-wing novel series, X-Wing: Mercy Kill. He had only a relatively brief appearance by the novel's climax on Kuratooine.