Kade Hingo was a male individual who acted as satrap of the planet Akiva's Satrapy while still relatively young. By the time Isstra Dirus held the rank of Satrap on Akiva several months after the Battle of Endor, Hingo had died. His official cause of death was given as assassination in history books, but rumor claimed that a venereal disease was the true culprit. During Dirus' reign as Satrap, a gold-framed portrait of Hingo looking smouldering hung in the Satrap's Palace in Myrra, capital city of Akiva. Hingo shared his surname with Mongo Hingo, another of Dirus' predecessors whose portrait was displayed in the palace.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Kade Hingo was created by author Chuck Wendig for the novel Aftermath, which was released in 2015.


  • Aftermath (First appearance) (Portrait only)

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