Kadrillians were sentient terrapins who colonized Kadril 6 BBY. They were the only inhabitants of Kadril to survive the Stenax Massacres.


Kadrillians were smaller than humans and had a greenish skin. Presumably, they evolved from turtle-like creatures. Kadrillians were able to I.Q. Whirl s to read the intelligence at other Kadrillians.


It was unknown where the Kadrillians evolved, but in the decade before the Battle of Yavin they colonized the world of Kadril. In this world the group divided into two groups. The Kadrillians were peaceful and dedicated themselves to the manufacturing of all kinds of crystals used for medicine and communication. The Kadrillians sought safety from their cities and were quite shy. Another group, the Nociv, felt that the Kadrillians deviated too much from their original intestine and were more primitive in nature. However, both groups were peaceful.

In 1 ABY, Kadril was visited by Heroes of Yavin as well as by Darth Vader. Father tried to make a filter for a chemical weapon called Pacifog with the Kunda on Kadril. Eventually, the heroes could prevent this by seeking help from the Nociv.

In 5 ABY, Kadril was destroyed during the Stenax Massacres. However, the Kadrillians could survive the bombing of their world.



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