"Kaernor Belasstie never had much use for conventional wisdom. With an easy laugh, a ready smile, and an oily handshake that revealed much more than the expression on his face, he turned friends into associates and associates into enemies with lightning speed."
―from Kaernor's Story, an oft-repeated tale on Tilnes[src]

Kaernor Belasstie was a miner who lent his name to Kaernor's Smile, a deep canyon on Tilnes. Kaernor came late to the mining boom on Tilnes, but had heard rumors in the Underground of a rich untapped resource of crystals on the far side of the moon. Discounting the reluctance of others to go near the chasm which held that resource, he easily secured the mining rights, but was unable to find any crew willing to go with him. Determined that it would lead to easy money, Kaernor went ahead on his own. He was broadcasting on his entire trip there, then suddenly his transmission was cut off. No trace was ever found of him.