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Kaevee (pronounced /keɪ'vi/) was a female Padawan studying on Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War.


By the Attack on Dantooine in 3956 BBY, Kaevee was at an early training stage, not yet knowing all of the Jedi Code and unable to distinguish the two sides of the Force. When the Sith assaulted the Jedi Enclave, seeking Revan—and asking questions only about Revan—Kaevee was outside the Enclave. She tried hiding in the Matale estate, only to see Shen Matale and other Matales die and their house burn.

She took residence in the Enclave sublevel, summoning laigreks and ordering them to kill any intruders, calling them her "pets," as she felt her mission was to protect the Enclave at all costs. Eventually, she was discovered by Meetra Surik.

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Kaevee, as she appears in The Sith Lords Restoration Project.

The birth date is based on developer comments within the dialog.tlk file which call her a 17-year-old. Other comments found in the file indicate that Kaevee was apparently being turned to the dark side of the Force by a Sith holocron that started speaking to her when activated. Kaevee was also supposed to be the one who stole Suulru's farming equipment. The Exile could either murder her and retrieve the equipment, push her towards the Dark Side, or convince her not to engage in thievery and lead her towards the Light Side. After dealing with Kaevee, explaining the situation to Suulru ends the quest.

Since there was no existing voice-over set for Kaevee, developers of The Sith Lords Restoration Project had to announce a casting call when they considered restoring her. It is unknown who voiced her, although her name was promised to be included in the credits. The project was eventually abandoned.

In September 2009, a similar restoration mod called The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod was released. Kaevee's voice was provided by voice actress Usagi.


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