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"They're here! Protect the cargo at all costs!"
―Major Rigosso[src]

The Kage were a pale-skinned sentient species native to the caverns in the planet of Quarzite. The Kage had a long-time conflict with the Belugans and were opposed to them. During the Clone Wars, Otua Blank ordered the capture of Pluma Sodi to marry her, she was later given back to the Kage Warriors by Asajj Ventress. Krismo Sodi and Pluma Sodi were known members of this species.

Society and cultureEdit

The Kage were spirited and dedicated people with physical excellence, tireless, and elite fighters.[source?] Their main weapon was an electro sword, but they were also great fighters in unarmed combat. Riding atop of the multi-legged milodon as transport, they could keep pace with the subtram transports that supplied Otua Blank's strongholds, and launch raids that caught the Belugan security forces off-guard. Although they were outnumbered compared to the Belugan, it was their strengths and intelligence that kept them from being defeated by the Belugan's technology.[source?]



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