"Those foul slugs gorged themselves on Makeb. Now the Hutts're fleeing.. but they can't outrun the Sky Lancers."
―Kai Teyun[src]

Kai Teyun was a male Human resident of Makeb and one of the few able to operate the Argent Sky Lancers orbital satellites. During the Conquest of Makeb in 3639 BBY, the Hutt Cartel hired the InterStellar Regulators to force Kai Teyun and the others to turn the lasers to the surface and fire on anything Hutts deemed hostile. Kai's friend Mena was killed when she refused to cooperate. Teyun himself was only spared from the same fate by the arrival of an Imperial hero who killed his oppressors and gave Kai the chance to hit the Hutts back by reprogramming the satellites to be fired against them.