The Kaikieli Reconquista was a conflict that was fought on the planet Kaikielius in 4225 BBY.


After the Kaikielius system became a haven for pirates, crime began to increase there, causing serious problems. However, the Galactic Republic did not intervene as Emppu Praji-Barck, it's Minister of State, filibustered any attempts to send aid to Kaikielius. Praji-Barck was a member of the House Praji, which was a rival of House Vahali, a family that had a lot of influence of Kaikielius, so she wanted to cause problems for the Vahalii. However, when the Odominic began supplying arms to the criminals on Kaikielius, a conflict broke out between the criminal gangs and the police, forcing the Republic to intervene.

The conflictEdit

The Republic sent troops to Kaikielius, under the command of Jedi Master Vandar Tokare and his two Padawans. For months, they attacked the most criminal-infested cities on Kaikielius and were eventually victorious.


The Reconquista devastated Kaikielius, but had been effective in driving out the criminal factions. Most of its notable features had been leveled, so the Jedi Order helped to rebuild the planet, making it better than it had been before.