Kaine Paulsen, also known as Chu'la, was a legendary Socorran smuggler and the father of Drake Paulsen.


In his younger days, he would work for the Twi'lek crimelord Abdi-Badawzi. He was a shrewd business man and a master pilot who was also an excellent astrogator, knowing his way around the many hyperspace lanes of the galaxy. He was rumored to keep a journal of galactic short-cut and by-ways, and that this was the cause of his incredible success.

He had contacts all over the galaxy, and had specially good relations with the Coynites due to his friendship with the respected Coynite warrior Tra'Parr'Sratt.

When Kaine's wife died, he vowed to raise his son in accordance with the proud traditions of the Socorran pirates. He never remarried.



Notes and referencesEdit

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