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Kairn was a boy from Necropolis who befriended the visiting Zak Arranda. He was known as a daredevil, and led a group of adventurous boys. Pylum,one of the planet's protectors and secretly working for Cornelius Evazan, forbade the boys to go to the graveyards and dig graves up so they could see his work. Kairn, Zak, and the other boys decided to go into a graveyard anyway.

The boys were separated, and Evazan force fed Kairn toxic Cryptberry, then added him to his group of experimental Zombies. Later, Kairn lured Zak into their trap. The zombies took him to their hideout, the grave of the witch Sycorax.

Hoole, Tash, and a nauseated Zak later found their hideout. Boba and the living beings held the dead off while DV-9 mixed an anti serum. Zak appealed to his friend, who seemed to retain some of his original mind and memories and struggled to resist Evazan's commands. With difficulty, Kairn began using the anti serum against the more mindless zombies, causing them to become lifeless corpses again. Unfortunately the anti serum touched him as he killed the last one. He cried for help but could not be saved. Afterwards, he was laid to rest.



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