Kal'Shebbol starport was the primary starport serving the planet Kal'Shebbol in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It was the planet's primary transportation hub for individuals either arriving at or leaving Kal'Shebbol. By 8 ABY, Moff Kentor Sarne, ruler of the planet, had instituted high tariffs at the starport, meaning that many independent traders and visitors to the planet often found themselves stranded when they could not afford the high docking bay fees and had their ships impounded. Free-traders such as the Twi'lek Loh'khar the Finder and Cobb Unser found themselves in this position.

Facilities at the starport included at least one cantina, a trading post run by Loh'khar the Finder, and a repair yard maintained by Brophar Tofarain. Shortly before the New Republic's liberation of the planet, the Aqualish Unda Lagor went on a rampage through one of the starport's busiest quarters, killing forty-three civilians and twenty-one Imperial troops. Several hidden rooms beneath the starport were also used by a resistance group as a base.

During the liberation of Kal'Shebbol by New Republic forces, several areas of the starport, including Tofarain's repair yard, took heavy damage.