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Kala'din was a Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser operated by Airam clan leader Ilay in 3 ABY.


During the Galactic Civil War the Kala'din was employed by Ilay. She used the ship, along with T-wings of Cobalt and Crimson Squadron and Y-wings from Tiger Squadron, to rendevous with Imperial-class Star Destroyer Rage to perform negotiations following her unsuccessful raid at the Kuras Drift.

However, her rival clan leader and Alliance supporter Tamaron managed to locate her meeting and Alliance High Command sent X-wings from Rogue Squadron and B-wings from Green Squadron to disable her ship. Despite her fighter escorts and Rage's own fighters, her ship was disabled and corvette Storm arrived to board and capture her. Both Rebel squadrons then held of Imperial reinforcements including TIE Advanced from Avenger Squadron long enough for Storm to complete their operation and escape to Hyperspace the ship was likely destroyed afterwards.


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