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Kalaanite rebels

Kalaanite resistance members with a captured AT-ST.

The Kalaanite resistance was an organization of Kalaanites fighting the Galactic Empire. Kalaan had been a Rebel Alliance world prior to the Battle of Kalaan, in which the Empire pushed the Alliance off the planet and destroyed Kalaan City. The Kalaanite resistance continued to attack Imperial forces. The Empire ravaged much of Kalaan, completely denuding it of flora. Most resistance fighters were light infantry which fought as guerrillas, but heavier infantry existed. The Kalaanites also managed to capture multiple AT-STs, which they were able to turn against the Empire. In 3 ABY, several resistance fighters aided Brenn Tantor in defecting, helping him and Luke Skywalker cross Kalaan's hills and reach Tyr Taskeen's Rebel base, which was in the process of evacuating.