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"This was all Thon's plan. He has done it several times before"
―Kalani to the Heroes of Cularin[src]

Kalani was a Human female who lived on Dorumaa.


Kalani was born on a desolate planet in the Outer Rim, and she lived a deprived life, as her parents worked in a small mine that struggled to make any profits. From an early age, she learned how to use her charming smile to help her steal food and money, although this lead to her being arrested on a number of occasions. This eventually led to her parents losing patience with her and they sold her to a passing trader. Kalani found her life as a slave hard and waited for an opportunity to escape. When she was fifteen, the trader landed on Dorumaa, and became so intoxicated that he passed out, allowing Kalani to run away. She fled to the working quarters of Dorumaa City, where she ran into Zabrak Thon Larimhor. He befriended her and made her feel special for the first time in her life; he even arranged for her to work in the Cantina Oceana. She enjoyed life for a time, but this ended when Larimhor asked her to begin running errands for him, to take messages and packages to various menacing and possibly criminal people. He also had her work as an escort and spend evenings with rich off-worlders. Although she didn't want to do this, she had to because if she refused, Thon beat her and threatened to sell her back into slavery.

Six years after she first came to Cularin, she was an outgoing person and a regular sight at the Cantina Oceana, with no hint of her troubled past. However, things were not all they seemed and she was still under the influence of Larimhor. The rogue Zabrak had her and Rysko Barnt pose as a couple and then had Kalani go for a meal with Echari Di'San, the head of the Cularin Trade Alliance. Barnt then turned up and provoked Di'San into hitting him. Kalani believed that Larimhor just planned to then help Barnt sue the CTA and then pocket most of the compensation, as he had done in similar scams before. However, Larimhor killed Barnt and Di'San was arrested. The Heroes of Cularin were investigating the death and after a little persuasion, they were able to get Kalani to flee Dorumaa and testify against Larimhor at Di'San's trial. She traveled with them to Gadrin on Cularin, where Di'San's trial was going to be held. However, on arrival there, they were attacked by a strike team sent by Larinhor to kill Kalani and the heroes, to stop them testifying. However, the attack was unsuccessful and Kalani was able to make it to the Gadrin Judicial Center and testify as a witness for the defense.