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Kaldahan (formerly known as Kanduh) was the home planet of the ancient Kanduh civilization.


Kaldahan was a frozen world, covered with snow and forests, thriving with feral beasts of all kind. On the North Magnetic Pole of the planet, the ancient Kanduh had built a temple.


At the time of the Galactic Civil War, a group of adventurers came to Kaldahan in hopes of finding the lost treasure of the Kanduh people. Thanks to an antique statuette engraved with a cryptic message, the adventurers knew their next step was to go to the planet's magnetic North. When they found the North, the placed the statuette in the ancient temple that had been built there. The arm of the statue pointed in the direction of a frieze carved in low relief, which provided them with a new hint: a star system consisting of thirteen planets.The adventurers then embarked for the Halawee system.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The planet Kaldahan has only appeared in the French RPG magazine Casus Belli 66.