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Kaleb Darme was a male Indu who was the former bodyguard of Imperial Governor Ekam Ouwray, and served as an Authority Officer on the Council Authority of the Indu Council during the Galactic Civil War.


A staunch Imperial loyalist, Darme was responsible for the assassination of chief councilor Shek Barayel. Prior to a vote on Indu San deciding the outcome of an alliance between the Indu San system and the New Republic, Darme planted a bomb in the comm and voting panel at Barayel's position on the Indu Council's U-shaped conference table. Before Barayel could cast his vote on the volatile issue at stake, Darme remotely detonated the bomb. In the midst of the confusion, he followed Ambassador Dictio L'varren's aide, Tev Aden, into a corridor and proceeded to kill him with a blaster. Galactic News Network reporter Kella Rand had followed Darme and another Authority Officer into the corridor. There, Rand's hovercam recorded Darme as he appeared to remove a detonator from Aden's body. However, the detonator was in fact planted by Darme in an effort to pin the assassination on the New Republic. By doing so, Darme hoped to weaken New Republic support and bring the Empire back to Indu San.


Darme holds Kella Rand at knife-point.

Later, at the Indu GNN bureau, Kella Rand discovered an image of Darme planting the bomb that killed Barayel while going through several of her past interviews. She showed the image to the other GNN reporters—Crislyn, Juloff, and her boss, Robbe Nostler—then left to share the evidence with Ambassador L'varren. Meanwhile, Juloff, an Imperial supporter like Darme, notified Darme that Rand held evidence incriminating him. When Rand arrived at L'varren's hotel, Juloff singled her out to Darme, who quickly chased after her. As Rand raced to L'varren's residence in Suite 44-1, she sent her hovercam ahead with the evidence. However, Darme managed to catch Rand before she could reach the suite. He pulled her into a turbolift, threatened her with a vibroknife, took her datacards, and shot her with a stun bolt. Darme then used his vibro-knife to escape the turbolift, but was soon caught by L'varren's people, who had seen the evidence and set out in pursuit of the killer. Darme was quickly brought to justice, and Kella Rand was rescued and able to report her story.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kaleb Darme was staunchly loyal to the Galactic Empire, working to weaken New Republic support and bring the Empire back to Indu San. He would risk his life for the Empire and was trusted by Imperial Governor Ekam Ouwray to be his bodyguard. When assassinating Shek Barayel, Kaleb Darme showed his skill with subterfuge, as he planted a bomb to make it appear as if the New Republic were responsible; however, his actions were discovered by Kella Rand.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kaleb Darme was created by Laurie Burns for her short story Kella Rand, Reporting..., which was first published in 1995 in Star Wars Adventure Journal 6. The short story was later republished in the online fiction section of Hyperspace on December 2, 2005.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Hair color is based on Hyperspace Fiction illustrations.