This article is about the Kalee system also known as Abbaji Minor system. You may be looking for Abbaji system in the Spar sector.

The Kalee system, or Abbaji Minor system, was a star system located within the Wild Space region of the galaxy which contained seven planets, including the planets Abbaji Minor and Kalee.

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The Essential Atlas places Kalee and Abbaji in the same system according to Unknown Soldier: The Story of General Grievous but a planet called Abbaji was first mentioned in Shadows of the Empire near Endor. The planet Abbaji near Kalee was eventually retconned as Abbaji Minor.[3]

Jason Fry also confirmed that, contrary to the Kalee article in The Essential Atlas, Tovarskl is in a separate system than Kalee, like represented on the Pentastar Alignment map.[4]



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