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Kaliida Shoals Med Center
Kaliida Shoals Medical Center
Production information

Haven-class medical station


Space station[1]

Technical specifications
Docking bays



At least 60,000 patients[2]

Other systems
Location information

Mid Rim[3][4]


Near Kaliida Shoals[4]

  • Space station[1]
  • Medical center[1]

Rise of the Empire era[1][2]


Galactic Republic[1]

Earliest sighting

21 BBY,[5] Battle of the Kaliida Nebula[6]

Present for battles/events

Battle of the Kaliida Nebula[6]


Administrator Nala Se[7]

The Kaliida Shoals Medical Center was a Haven-class medical station and the first of its kind to serve the Galactic Republic as a medcenter during the Clone Wars. It was located near the Naboo system.


Kaliida shoals command center
The command center of Kaliida Shoals

The space station was powered by a reactor slung underneath the main structure of the station. The control hub was located in a tower at the top of the structure, while the eight main medical bays, filled with bacta tanks, covered much of the interior. Each medical station had a vertical gap for accommodating a Republic medical frigate. The station was painted in the characteristic red stripes of other Republic vessels.[2]


The station began as a merchant hub in the Enarc system. At some point before the war, it was abandoned as a derelict station, and at the beginning of hostilities was bought by the Republic. It was refurbished with standardized habitation modules and medical facilities and towed by interstellar tugs to the Ryndellia system near the Kaliida Nebula, where it served as a medical center. The station received injured clone troopers, who were treated by the staff, which included the empathic Kaminoan doctor Nala Se.[1][2]

During the Clone Wars, the station fell under the assault of General Grievous' forces, however Anakin Skywalker and Shadow Squadron foiled the attack.[2] This marked one of the earliest deployments of the new BTL-B Y-wing starfighter.[8] At the time of the attack, the station was caring for some 60,000 wounded clones.[2]



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