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Kalist VI also known simply as Kalist was a planet located in the Deep Core. It was the homeworld of Dak Ralter.


Kalist VI was a bleak, mountainous, desert planet, home to an Imperial base and labor colony. The planet was drier than Jabiim, but not as unpleasantly acrid as Tatooine.[2]


The labor colony was home to many prisoners of the Empire, including political prisoners and prisoners of war. The parents of Dak Ralter were imprisoned on Kalist VI since the early days of the New Order, and Ralter himself was born into captivity there. The complex itself consisted of a massive transparisteel dome, with a landing pad and several power fences around the perimeter. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, Ralter and a Rebel prisoner named Breg used a stolen Imperial prison barge to escape from Kalist VI.[4]


The Kalist Base.

Approximately eight months after the Battle of Yavin the Empire took Jabiimi prisoners, as well as Jorin Sol, to the base where the Jabiimi were used for slave labor. An imperial officer called Zuud tortured Sol for information regarding the location of the Alliance Fleet. A Rebel team including Luke Skywalker successfully infiltrated the base posing as the crew of the Imperial tanker Nuna's Twins, with the intention of retrieving Sol. Luring most of the base's troops off-planet and into a trap, the Rebels rescued Sol and the prisoners, causing heavy damage to the base. After the attack the base was repaired and reinforced suspiciously quickly. [3]

After the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Kalist came under the authority of the Zero Command, an Imperial faction established by Lord High Admiral Blitzer Harrsk.[5]



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