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Kaliyo Djannis
Kaliyo Djannis
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c. 3672 BBY[1]

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1.5 meters[2]

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Old Republic era[2]

"I avoid Imperial space. I wanna die in a cantina fight, not ticking off some bureaucrat."
―Kaliyo Djannis[src]

Kaliyo Djannis was a female Rattataki who lived during the Cold War. She was an anarchistic freelance criminal in the Revolutionary Edge Brigade, and according to her CorSec criminal report, she was known to associate with three individuals named Anspi'shel, Nohn Veyaiko, and The Wheezer.


Kaliyo was born on Rattatak but grew disenchanted with the "backward ways" of her people and escaped her homeworld at a young age. She proceeded to find employment as a freelance enforcer and assassin for major criminal syndicates (Exchange, Hutt Cartel) and individual underworld figures (Rholl). She also had persistent links to Brentaal Four anarchist cells (see Revolutionary Edge Brigade) though she maintained minimal activity within Imperial borders.[1]

Cold WarEdit

At one time, Kaliyo was once in a relationship with Doctor Archiban Kimble, nicknamed "Doc".[3]

One of Kaliyo's acquaintances went grave robbing on the Sith homeworld of Korriban. He was lucky to have only lost his tongue to the Sith. Korriban, Kaliyo believed, wasn't "my kind of place."

In the Curovao Bombing, Kaliyo went under the alias of Lisha Tetch,[2] according to Watcher X.

Kaliyo was under the employ of Suudaa Nem'ro during the Cold War, at the same time the Sith Empire dispatched an undercover operative, under the alias of the known pirate, the Red Blade, to secure an alliance with Nem'ro. After the mysterious murder of Nem'ro's lieutenant, Karrels Javis, Kaliyo confronted the agent. The agent introduced her to the Keeper of Imperial Intelligence, who offered to hire her services, which she accepted, though she refused to be called a "servant" of the Empire.

Later on, when Nem'ro became ill, Kaliyo was sent to collect a cure for the Hutt cooked up by her ex-boyfriend, Doc, on a Defender-class light corvette. There, she met the Hero of Tython, a Jedi Knight who would one day destroy the Sith Emperor. While waiting for the cure, she told the Jedi that she thought that Doc was a "worm" and she was "usually worshiped by men beneath her." She wanted to know if there was anything worth eating on this "rust bucket." After the cure was done, she stepped off the ship to take it to Nem'ro, leaving Doc without someone to "help us celebrate."[3]

Kaliyo continued to be an associate of Cipher Nine. Cipher Nine aided her in rescuing one of her old partners, Anspi'shel, from the Exchange though Kaliyo held a grudge against her and may have followed up by selling her out to a local bounty hunter in Nar Shaddaa.

Kaliyo managed to persuade Imperial Intelligence to target her ex-partners. Cipher Nine also aided her in dealing with some of her ex-partners who were seeking her out. These partners include Rholl, Yjal, Ta Tigal, and a bounty hunter called "The Menace."

Doctor Eckard Lokin discovered that Kaliyo has been in contact with the Revolutionary Edge Brigade which is in violation of a number of Imperial regulations. Kaliyo claims that The Wheezer needed her help and that her discretion was in a way meant to keep Cipher Nine out of trouble. Kaliyo claims she only wanted to help an old friend and meant no harm to the agent. To assuage Cipher Nine's concerns, she invites Cipher Nine to come with her to a scheduled meeting with the Revolutionary Edge Brigade. When they arrived, the Wheezer reveals that Kaliyo had been selling the Revolutionary Edge Brigade Imperial secrets; though she claims she never revealed anything about Cipher Nine's missions. When the Wheezer revealed his intention to harvest Cipher Nine's organs in order to bypass Imperial security, Kaliyo was forced to pick a side and helped Cipher Nine fight the Revolutionary Edge Brigade. After Kaliyo finished off the Wheezer, Cipher Nine agreed to keep Kaliyo as an asset but warned her that her selling Imperial secrets couldn't continue.

Second Great Galactic WarEdit

As war reignited between the Republic and Empire, Nine's team was tasked to discover a mysterious third party that destroyed the Shadow Arsenal. Their search took them to Belsavis and Voss, and learned that the organization was called the Star Cabal. Unfortunately, the conspiracy became aware of Nine's attempts to expose them and used their influence to dissolve Imperial Intelligence. Nine's team was drafted into Lord Razer's unit, but Kaliyo arrested due to her criminal record. Despite Nine's pleads on her behalf, Razer would not yield. As Kaliyo screamed promises of revenge, Nine told her to wait for an opportunity.

Sometime later, as the battle for Corellia raged, the Minister of Intelligence, formerly Keeper, secretly sprung Kaliyo from custody as he gathered the remnants of Intelligence to take down the Star Cabal. Kaliyo performed jobs for the Minister and the new Keeper, formerly Watcher Two. Though she received meager pay, Kaliyo stayed for the purpose of revenge against the conspiracy. She later reunited with Nine for the final mission to take down the Star Cabal.

Personality and traitsEdit


Kaliyo Djannis

Cipher Nine: "Allow me to present Kaliyo Djannis, my loyal and trusted associate."
Peyar Cortess: "Such an exotic young woman…how is it you come to be here?"
Kaliyo: "I slid out of mama's womb and picked up a blaster. Now I'm your new friend's bodyguard. Course, you and me could be friends, too. You've got a nice place here—I could stick around awhile."
―Kaliyo displays some of her wit and charm. — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Kaliyo Djannis is playful, but extremely manipulative. According to Watcher X and Anspi'shel, mostly everything she says about herself is a lie. Kaliyo even told false stories of her life to Cipher Nine just to keep the agent under her string.

Kaliyo has absolutely no regard for her comrades or "friends" whatsoever. For instance, she tracked her "friend" Anspi'shel just so Kaliyo could sell her and take the bounty on her head, and had even tricked Cipher Nine into helping her.

She also learned how to speak in Kaleesh, particularly in profanities. Eckard Lokin described it as a "rare and admirable skill." She was highly amoral, but even she was disgusted by Darth Jadus's cruelty. As much as she wanted to see Jadus dead, she preferred watching him being humiliated.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kaliyo Djannis is a companion character for the Imperial Agent class of Star Wars: The Old Republic. She is voiced by Tasia Valenza. According to the game's text files, Djannis could leave the player permanently to work for a Vigo of Black Sun; however, this was later removed.

A male Imperial Agent can romance her.

There are several phrases written in Aurebesh on her page at the official site. When translated, they read: "cannibal-demon of the Summit?", "Habitual liar", "last known location Nar Shaddaa".[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

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