The Kallarak Amphitheater was an enormous enclosed performance hall on Coruscant, near the base of the Manarai Mountains, capable of seating one million spectators and routinely putting on sellout performances. Audiences at the Kallarak never dwindled even at the height of the Galactic Civil War. Shows and performances there were diverse, eclectic, and aimed at more general audiences than the Galaxies or Coruscant Opera House. Glimmik star Boles Roor performed there, as did holo-actress Neile Janna.

The stage was a sunken round surface surrounded by concentric rings of benches made of Sittana marble, rising gradually to the outer wall. The arrangement ensured an unbroken line of sight from every seat in the house; however, with the voluminous capacity of the building, spectators in the farthest seats could see very little and typically required binoculars to see the stage. Tickets to a show at the Kallarak could cost as much as 1500 credits. The outer wall was dotted with 34 diffuse low-powered lasers. Concerts were advertised with elaborate laser shows that reached up to the exosphere, much to the consternation of orbital pilots.

The Kallarak was destroyed during the Battle of Coruscant by an impact weapon that left nothing behind but a crater several kilometers deep. The crater, overgrown with vines and moss, became a repository for Vong biomachines that produced thousands of umrachs.