Kaloob was a popular refreshment among the Ergesh species of Ergeshui.


When consumed by an Ergesh, Kaloob caused every gland and organ in their body to produce excess amounts of fluids and secretions, which cleansed their body and refreshed the drinker, protecting the sentient from harmful microorganisms.

Kaloob could also be used by other species as a detoxifier and antibiotic but it produced awful side effects. If a non-Ergesh drank Kaloob, every gland, organ, and system began to function in overdrive. Tears, sweat, and any other bodily secretion began to pour out their respective ducts. After 10 minutes, a crippling nausea struck the "victim" for 20 minutes. After these tribulations, all dangerous toxins and chemicals had been purged from their system.