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The Kamino flight pod, also known as the Kamino spacecraft, was a type of starship used on the planet Kamino.


The ship could be piloted by one person and had seating for two others behind. It was spherical in shape and had four landing legs which folded up seamlessly into the hull when in flight. The left side had a hatch that opened downwards forming a small ramp with a round platform. Two thrusters pointed out from the back but not far enough to be seen from the side, keeping the spherical shape. These left a prominent purple light trail behind the craft for a significant distance. An oval cockpit window on the front of the ship gave the pilot the ability to fly manually with the pair of flight sticks. The ship had the ability to be quickly programed to follow a course and coordinates with the aid of an auto pilot. however, the interface (via holographic projection) completely obscured the pilots window.

As this ship is classed as a starship it can be assumed to have a hyperdrive.


General Grievous stole one such vessel to escape from Kamino following the Battle of Kamino. Making his way off-world, he picked up Asajj Ventress along the way. Later, the ARC Trooper Fives and AZ-3, a medical droid who helped him, stole a flight pod and used it to escape from Kaminoans who wanted to kill him.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although it is classed as a starship, it has yet to have been seen outside of an atmosphere, given its relatively small size as well as limited cargo and passenger space and as Fives refers to it as a 'pod' instead of a shuttle, it might be more of a utility craft rather than a true cargo transport.



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