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The Kaminoan droid was a model of labor droid used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

Regular modelEdit

The Kaminoan droids resembled the waitress droid FLO.

Forager modelEdit

Kaminoan Forager

A Kaminoan droid Forager.

This model utilized a long pole for foraging plants.

Carbon Collector modelEdit

This model utilized a two-winged pole in front that acted as a scanner to detect traces of carbon in the ground or nearby.

Nova Carrier/Ore Collector modelEdit

This model utilized a mobile scanner unit in front of it to detect any nova or ore deposits for collection.

Fisher modelEdit

This model possessed a fishing pole for the purpose of catching aquatic life near the shore.

Builder/repairer modelEdit

Kaminoan Builder Repairer

A Kaminoan droid builder/repairer.

This model had its arms modified to accompany tools for the purpose of construction and/or repairing various buildings owned by the GAR.

Farmer modelEdit

This model had a basket grafted onto it for the purpose of harvesting farming plants.

Herder modelEdit

This model has a sensor on its right arm. That guided and herded animals towards it.

Hunter modelEdit

This model has a two-pronged gun on its right arm that allowed it to kill animals that it was hunting for food for the GAR.