The Kanawyn Syndicate was a weapons- and spice-dealing crime syndicate based on Rishi and led by Avax, and her brothers Chrone and Dastid. Though only a few dozen members strong, the Kanawyn had serios credentials - when an Exchange boss refused to join them, he got skinned. In 3638 BBY they went after the smuggling bussiness of Thera Markon, demanding her routes and clients. Thera used the reputation of her bounty hunter mother Crysta Markon who coached the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt to keep Kanawyns away, and it worked for a time. Eventually, they killed Crysta, which proved their undoing. Thera used her money to put a bounty on all three bosses and the Grand Champion collected, killing them and dealing a huge blow to the Syndicate.[1]

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The Kanawyn Syndicate appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Shadow of Revan during the Bounty Hunter class mission on Rishi.


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