The Kanchen sector was in the Core. Planets in the sector included Davnar II, Xa Fel, Pakrik Major, and Pakrik Minor.

The Kanchen Sector Conference was held annually on the capital world, Pakrik Major.


During the Thrawn campaign, the capture of Xa Fel by Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces allowed the Empire to take control the Kanchen sector.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Star Wars: Rebellion incorrectly places Vodran, Spuma, Munto Codru, and Nal Hutta in the Kanchen sector. Vodran and Nal Hutta are in Hutt Space; Spuma is in the Kwymar sector; Munto Codru is in the Outer Rim near Mon Calamari. Rebellion also mistakenly places the Kanchen sector in the Outer Rim.



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