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Lord Kancras was a Zabrak Male Sith Lord and beast master of the resurgent Sith Empire stationed within a secret prison in the Maelstrom Nebula during the Galactic War. He came face to face with the strike team sent to rescue the imprisoned Jedi Master Revan. While powerful Kancras was not strong enough to defeat the strike team and met his death in the prison.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

A Sith Lord, Kancras was adept in the dark side of the Force and also with the famed lightsaber. He was shown to be capable to perform a lightsaber throw. Also as a beast master Kancras was able to command powerful beasts stationed in the Maelstrom Prison, using the Force he was able to boost their abilities when needed.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lord Kancras is one of the bosses that players of Star Wars: The Old Republic will have to face in the flashpoint, Maelstrom Prison. The Sith Lord will occasional summon beasts to his aid that players have to deal with.


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